Friday, March 4, 2011


We got the chance to see Wolf Gang live the other week. It was good to catch up with the homies and show support for all their recent success. The show was insane. The energy high and anyone not hyped was quickly called out, "fuck all you old niggas in the back". The stage could not contain Odd Future as stage diving was a constant. The kids loved every second of it. Tyler's star presence was definitely noted when he performed new material "Fish", as the audience was in a trance. Left Brain was the the most crunk proving to be a master chef on stage. Hodgy channeled all his anger to give an amped performance. Mike G brought that classic LA vibe and Domo kept it cool for the stoners. Overall it was a fucking awesome show. WolfGang will definately continue to climb the ladder of success escalator style and to think they are with out arguably one of their best rappers. FREE EARL!

Photos by Jonathon McNair


Anonymous said...

I wanna see more dammit. lol.

usf said...

me too! more photos of the crowd please